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November Newsletter

Mark Wood Golf Academy – November Newsletter 2011

With temperatures soaring into the high teens and the leaves only reluctantly falling from the trees, it’s hard to be thinking of Christmas and what present to buy your husband/wife, son/daughter and playing partner. And so I won’t even mention the fact that Lesson Vouchers make wonderfully welcome gifts for the man and woman who has everything but needs a little help with their golf swing. All the details about how you can buy them online at or by emailing me at [email protected] or telephoning on             07796 271661      .

Because the grass has just kept growing and growing so late in the year, it’s possible that you’ve spent a lot more than you budgeted for on extra petrol for the lawnmower. Don’t worry as I can offer you a couple of tips that are both hotter than the weather and absolutely free. The first is how to hole out those Dennis Wise’s – in other words, those nasty looking five-footers. I (almost) guarantee you’ll never miss another one if you follow this Youtube link And the other absolutely free tip gives away the secret of how to hit long shots out of fairway bunkers. If you still can’t manage it after studying my advice at don’t panic, as a future tip will show you how to steer clear of fairway bunkers! In case you’re interested, the last I heard of Dennis Wise he was managing Chalfont St Peter.

“Golf is a game the aim of which is to hit a very small ball into a ridiculously small hole with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose.” – Winston Churchill

At the beginning of this month, two not terribly bright golfers teed off on the second hole of the Old Course on a particularly foggy morning. Both hit decent shots and proceeded to the green. One of the balls was about six feet from the cup while the other was in the hole. Both were playing a TopFlite 2 and couldn’t determine who had had a hole in one. And so they came to me for help. After congratulating both on their fine shots, I asked, “Who was playing the orange ball?”

Until next time good golfing!!

Mark Wood
PGA Advanced Head Teaching Professional