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Mark’s 5 Top Tips for Great Golf

Mark’s 5 Top Tips for Great Golf

  1. Know your iron distances. Just by knowing how far you actually hit each club in the bag can save you up to 5 shots in a round of golf. Make it a priory to know exactly how far each club carries, use launch monitors and range finders as this will quickly and easily identify your yardages for you.
  2. Love your wedges. Carry 3 wedges in your golf bag, an example of lofts might be 47 degree, 53 degree and 58 degrees. This will give you more variety on playing your short game shots. Learn 3 distances with each wedge for pitching. Hip to Hip, Chest to Chest and full swing as this will really sharpen up the pitching game. Have different lofts also helps in the bunkers and a lot of the time you can you your 58 for short greenside bunker shots and your 53 degree for longer greenside bunker shots.
  3. Get your driver fitted. Most of the time golfers will just buy the driver from off the pro shop shelf. This will cost you distance as you will most likely end up with the wrong shaft and loft combination. Spend some time with a PGA Professional and get them to fit you on a launch monitor. This way you will get a driver fitted and suited to you and your golf swing helping you maximise your distance and accuracy.
  4. Good Rhythm is Key. “My swing just does not feel good”. This is a lot of comments I sometimes get from very good golfers. Quite often they have just lost the rhythm of their golf swing. The recipe for finding that silky rhythm is to hit lots of short irons making half swings, then three-quarter length swings and really slowing things down. It is amazing how the swing mechanics then take care of themselves and all of a sudden they comfortable again. The best quick tip in golf is to focus on your rhythm and balance.
  5. Think before Teeing Off. One key strategy in playing any golf hole is to focus on where you would like to be playing the next shot from. If that means on a tight treeline par 4 that a hybrid off the tee would work better than trying to steer a driver up the fairway then play the hybrid. If your second shot is a tough one over water and you are not sure if you can carry it then lay up to a distance that you like for your third shot into the green. The key here is to play within you and have a strategy (game plan) in playing each and every hole. It is what the Pro’s do!!

Mark Wood

PGA Advanced Professional
UK’s No1 Golf Coach

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