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Golf Lessons Sussex and Kent Swing Tips to Improve your Game

Golf Lessons Sussex and Kent Swing Tips by Mark Wood Golf Academy

Here are some of my recent video tips to help move your game to the next level, please Click Here to Watch them as they will really help you to improve your golf.

If you would like some tips that are not already on the website then please just leave a comment for me and I will do a video for you.

Golf Lessons Sussex and Kent

Please Click Here to see the teaching and coaching packages that I offer, it will certainly take your golf to the next level.

I am based at Dale Hill Hotel and Golf Club on the Sussex and Kent boarder.

I look forward to helping you with your golf soon.

Best Putting Tips in Sussex and Kent – By Mark Wood Golf Academy

Improve Your Putting This Month with some good Putting Tips and Drills

Putting is most probably one of the least practised departments of a typical amateur golfer, they would much rather be seen on a range belting drivers as far as they can!! Although this is great for a quick ego boost, it is most certainly not going to reduce there scores and handicap very fast.

I know you will all say to me “practising putting is boring” and I would most probably agree to some extent, but if you gave yourself some fun challenges in your practise rituals then you would most definitely spend more time on the practise green.

Here is a good drill to kick off with for those short knee knocking putts Putting Drill
I will be adding more video putting tips on putting drills as we move on into the spring, so keep a look out on the website and my youtube channel.

Remember 53% of a round of golf is played with a putter in your hands, so if you would like some help in improving your putting then please have a look at my Peak Performance Putting Programme Here and lets start working on your putting.

I have many great teaching aids to help you, from green reading to working on the tempo of your stroke and also I use the Tomi putt video analysis to help you understand your putting stroke.

The Luke Donald’s of this world spend at least 50% of there practise time on the putting green as they know “you drive for show and putt for dough”

Richard Hannam

Well done to MWGA Student Richard Hannam on winning the Weekend Stableford with 43 points this weekend at Dale Hill.

Richard has recently had a few lessons from me over the last couple of weeks and the changes that we have made are paying off, great work Richard. If you would like to improve your golf and take it to the next level please click here to see what lessons and programmes I am currently running.