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Common Shanking Fault

Common Shanking Fault


This is a common thing I see when golfers come to me for help with the shank.

In the backswing they take the club too much on the inside, this is sometimes down to an over active shoulder turn in the early part of the take – away or just a miss use of the wrists in the early start back of the swing. Both of which get the hands and club too far behind them by the time their hands have reached just about hip high in the backswing.

As they make the move into the forward swing the tendency is for the club to move too far out in front of them because of the poor move in the backswing. This leads to a steep out to in swing path and more often than not aligns the hosel of the club to the ball resulting in a shank.




As you make your take – away make a conscious effort to keep your shoulders quiet and have the feeling that you stand the club up much more vertically. This will lead to the butt of the club pointing at the target line and the golf club will be in balance and on plane.


The thought I would like you to have as you make your forward swing is to have a feeling of holding your right shoulder back as this will keep the club on plane. This will lead to a great swing path through the ball leading to a much more solid strike from the center of the clubface.

Mark Wood is the worlds leading expert in curing a shank.



How to Stop Shanking

How to Stop Shanking

Below is a really good tip on how to stop shanking. A lot of golfers who hit the dreaded shank will cure it by just following these simple steps.

Too much in the heels at Set up

Many golfers can set up to the ball perfectly fine but just settle to much weight into their heels in the address position. As you make a golf swing your weight will naturally gravitate towards your toes during the golf swing resulting in you moving the swing arc/path further away from you at impact resulting in a shank.

Never Shank Again

You need to establish a good posture and weight distribution at the address first. So the below photo(s) are going to help you step by step obtain a good address position with the weight nicely balanced and room for your arms to swing freely past your legs.

Never Shank Again

Stand straight up with the club shaft pointing at your navel(above).

Never Shank Again

Then lean over from the pelvis until the clubhead just touches the ground, your legs will feel quite tight at this point (above).

Never Shank Again

Flex the knees ever so slightly to take that tightness feeling away (above).

Never Shank Again

A good way to feel that you are settling the weight into the correct parts of the feet  is to make your normal set up position to the ball and then lift your heels up from off the ground (above). Softly settle the heels back down into the grass ensuring that you keep your weight on the balls of your feet (below).

Never Shank AgainPerfectly balanced set up with good posture and the weight set in the balls of the feet.

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