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Belly Putters “To GO”

The R & A Speak out

With 3 of the last 5 Major Champions using Belly putters, there is sure going to be a shake up on the worldwide tours!!!

Keegan Bradley, Adam Scott, Web Simpson are just some of the guys that are going to need to switch back to a standard style of putter and it might just take some time in getting used to this.

Mike Davis, USGA Executive Director thoughts on the longer putters can be read HERE

Greg Norman and Rory Mcllroy both are very happy with the ban, you can read there thoughts HERE

I think the move will be good for golf and I know that the players will get use to changing their styles accordingly. Hopefully the R & A will leave the golf ball alone as I have never met a golfer who wants to hit the BALL SHORTER. They should also leave the old course alone, to much history and drama has unfolded there.

Do you Keep Your Stats

Keep Your Stats

I am amazed that when I meet new clients and speak to other golfers, how many of them do not track there game. Professionals and Top Amateurs and golfers seriously improving their game, handicap and enjoyment always keep track on their game, so for instance they know how putts on average per round they have, how many fairways hit etc……

This really is a good way to think things through so you can work with your coach and benefit from the research of the stats. Yes we all want to work on our strengths, because it makes us feel good, but if you knew where your weaknesses lay and set to work on those few issues you will become a much more solid golfer.

A good performance model to have is to take a look at the two below websites and draw up a perfect performance player, one that’s leading the stats and start to try and match your stats to that. I know driving distance maybe a little tricky but all the other stats will certainly help.  EUROPEAN TOUR

There are some great game tracking websites out there and I always encourage my students to keep a healthy check on their stats.

A Great Putting Drill

A great drill for improving your putting stroke click below to watch the video.

A Great Drill for feeling the Weight Shift

This is a great drill for you to fell the correct weight shift in the golf swing click on the video below to watch it.

A Great System to use for Pitching

This is an article for Play Better Golf magazine that I wrote on pitching and distance control. One of many ways to control your distances more effectively. Employing a strict pitching routine will really help you tighten up and tidy up the short game, as we all know this is where the scoring comes into play. Many pros practise the short game for hours on end, but the typical amateur will not spend any time on this area of the game, spend at least a few hours a month on this part of your game and your scoring will improve dramatically.  Click here to view on of my short game programmes.

"Mark Wood Golf Academy"

"Mark Wood Golf Academy"

"Mark Wood Golf Academy"

"Mark Wood Golf Academy"

"Mark Wood Golf Academy""Mark Wood Golf Academy"


All About Wedges ebook <Click the link

This is a great read to fully understand about the wedges in your bag, from bounce angles, lofts, gaping and spin. Click the above link to read.