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One of the most important aspects of great golf is knowing how far you hit your clubs and controlling your distances with your wedges.

You can learn this while you are practising out on the range or the course, pay attention to how far each shot is going, especially the carry distance. Professionals know how far each club goes and sometimes their caddie knows even better than their player.

Knowing how far you hit each club makes life so much easier out on the course in tournament conditions, it will save you shots during a round. Most amateurs come up short of the green as they overestimate how far they can hit each club.

There are factors to consider and your distances may vary and change due to wind and temperature as well as the kind of ball you use. On average you lose about 2 yards for every 10 degrees the temperature drops, which is why you hit the ball further in the summer than the winter.

Everybody has their 150 yard club in the bag (for most it’s a 6 or 7 iron) so knowing what club you hit the magic 150 yards is a good start. Next you can work out what gap you have between clubs, it’s normally 9 to 12 yards as a rule. When you have all your yardages note them down in a course yardage book so you have all the info at hand during your round.

With your wedges find out how far you hit each wedge with a hip to hip swing length, chest to chest swing length and a shoulder to shoulder swing length. Knowing how far your wedge distances are will save you a bundle of shots during a round.

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Putting Tips – Line up your Putts like the Pro’s

Line It Up!

This is one of the best putting tips used by the best players in the world.
Using the logo of the ball is a very effective way of helping you hole more putts. Far too many golfers faced with a short makable putt  set over the putt thinking about the negatives of missing the putt. To often you hear them say ” I just new I was going to miss that”, as they curse with anger.

Why not just focus on the positives on holing the putts instead?.

Here’s a great putting tip used by many of the top Professionals worldwide, and it works! It did for Martin Kaymer at the Ryder Cup last Year…

So after reading the putt start using the logo of the ball, or better still putt a line on the ball with a Sharpie pen and line up the logo/line down the intended start line of your putt, for example a straight putt would have you line the logo into the centre of the hole. A left lip putt would have you line the logo up towards the left lip.

You will be amazed that just by doing this you will start to focus more on getting the putter face square to the logo and then to hit the logo so it rolls over end on end.

You will be making a lot more of those knee knocking putts than you thought possible and this will most certainly grow your confidence and success.

Remember to commit to doing this on every length of putt, even the 40 footers!!

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A Great System to use for Pitching

This is an article for Play Better Golf magazine that I wrote on pitching and distance control. One of many ways to control your distances more effectively. Employing a strict pitching routine will really help you tighten up and tidy up the short game, as we all know this is where the scoring comes into play. Many pros practise the short game for hours on end, but the typical amateur will not spend any time on this area of the game, spend at least a few hours a month on this part of your game and your scoring will improve dramatically.  Click here to view on of my short game programmes.

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