How To Out Drive You’re Playing Partners

Three simple steps on how to hit longer tee shots and out drive you’re playing partners


Normally you would have your feet shoulder width apart for your normal long game set up. I have a great tip for you here for when you want to out drive you’re playing partners. I would like you to take a slightly wider stance than normal, keeping the ball in line with the inside of your left heel just widen your right foot out a few more inches. This will encourage you to tilt your spine away from the target a little more and will drop your head farther behind the ball. This will increase the amount of weight you are feeling on your right foot; this is perfect. This powerful setup position pre-loads your weight shift onto your right side.


The amount of golfers who swing the golf club back to fast when they are going for more distance is staggering. What happens when you do this is that your hands out-race your body; they’ll get to the top of your backswing well before you complete your body turn. If this happens, which it does, you will lose so much power and therefore distance. To hit longer tee shots you must make a more deliberate backswing. The feeling that you want is a nice smooth takeaway that allows you to finish your body turn before you start your forward swing.

Power key


The start of the forward swing is triggered by a good weight shift into your left side. I am always encouraging my clients to feel that their weight is moving in the same direction as their swing: When you make your backswing your weight and pressure is increasing in your right foot. When you make your forward swing your weight and pressure increases in your left foot. As you shift your weight into your left foot, the club should naturally drop to the inside, this will make it easy for you to attack the ball on the right path creating a powerful drawing ball flight. A good feeling to have is that you’re accelerating the clubhead all the way to the finish. Follow these simple steps for greater distance and you will be out driving you’re playing partners every time.

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