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Rosie Hockey Sussex County Ladies Golf

A Huge well done to Rosie Hockey a long term client of mine on winning the Sussex County Scratch Foursomes at Pyecombe Golf Club last week.

Click Here for a full report.

Rosie is doing very well with her golf and I wish her all the very best in the England Matchplay later on this year.

Lee Westwood Putting Can Improve

Lee Westwood must feel so frustrated with his lack of consistency in his putting at the Masters last week, he really needs to change direction to spin this around so he can have a great chance of adding Majors to his belt!!

I believe that under pressure and when he presses to hard to make putts, he gets out of his natural rhythm and tempo, his head moves around too much and then his stroke does not arc correctly. Lee has more or less always used a toe heavy putter which lends itself to an arcing stroke with face rotation throughout the entire stroke. This leads to rotating the shoulders and forearms correctly, when Lee putts not so well he tends to rock his shoulders and his forearms do not rotate correctly, which leads to poor face rotation.

With a little bit of guidance Lee can quite easily turn this part of his game around, he needs to get back to basics and stop looking for a needle in a haystack or that “magic thought” .

If Lee wants to come and see me then I would be more than happy to help him.

If you would like to improve your putting than please book a lesson with Mark Wood