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Take lessons, read books, attend clinics

Take lessons, read books, attend clinics

Self-monitoring is just fine if you can do it, but most of us need some outside help in order to achieve faster and more lasting results with our games. The first and most obvious road to golfing success is to find the best teaching pro in town and book a series of personal lessons. Whatever it costs, pay it! All those years of teaching experience and first hand knowledge are available to help you unleash your own potential ability.

If time or money does not permit this form of personal enlightenment, try group lessons or a few days at a golf school, where you can get a comprehensive amount of instruction in a short time.

Jack Nick

The most convenient way to improve your game is by reading. Although this method does not provide the real life feedback you enjoy when you actually perform, the information you find in books can often make a big difference in your game. After reading several hundred golf books, I still pick up new tips, ideas, drills and even refresh fundamental ideas each and every time I bury my nose in  a good instructional volume. How many of today’s golfers picked up Golf My Way by Jack Nicklaus, and were inspired and affected as they read it? I know I was. It is said that Nick Faldo took up golf after watching the Masters on television and picking up a copy of Jack’s book. How many senior golfers grew up within easy reach of Tommy Armour’s How to play your best golf all the time or Ben Hogan’s The Five Modern Fundamentals of Golf.

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