Do you Keep Your Stats

Keep Your Stats

I am amazed that when I meet new clients and speak to other golfers, how many of them do not track there game. Professionals and Top Amateurs and golfers seriously improving their game, handicap and enjoyment always keep track on their game, so for instance they know how putts on average per round they have, how many fairways hit etc……

This really is a good way to think things through so you can work with your coach and benefit from the research of the stats. Yes we all want to work on our strengths, because it makes us feel good, but if you knew where your weaknesses lay and set to work on those few issues you will become a much more solid golfer.

A good performance model to have is to take a look at the two below websites and draw up a perfect performance player, one that’s leading the stats and start to try and match your stats to that. I know driving distance maybe a little tricky but all the other stats will certainly help.  EUROPEAN TOUR

There are some great game tracking websites out there and I always encourage my students to keep a healthy check on their stats.

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