Belly Putters “To GO”

The R & A Speak out

With 3 of the last 5 Major Champions using Belly putters, there is sure going to be a shake up on the worldwide tours!!!

Keegan Bradley, Adam Scott, Web Simpson are just some of the guys that are going to need to switch back to a standard style of putter and it might just take some time in getting used to this.

Mike Davis, USGA Executive Director thoughts on the longer putters can be read HERE

Greg Norman and Rory Mcllroy both are very happy with the ban, you can read there thoughts HERE

I think the move will be good for golf and I know that the players will get use to changing their styles accordingly. Hopefully the R & A will leave the golf ball alone as I have never met a golfer who wants to hit the BALL SHORTER. They should also leave the old course alone, to much history and drama has unfolded there.

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