Playing from Sloping Lies

Here are a couple of important things we need to do when playing from sloping lies.

Ball Above Your Feet


  1. It is important to grip an inch or so further down the shaft then you would normally do, this will shorten the club and will help you make solid contact.
  2. With the way the slope is, your weight is naturally is trying to be pushed back onto your heels so you need to make a conscious effort in keeping your weight more towards your toes.
  3. The ball will fly right – to –left so allowances need to be made. We can aim slightly right with are body alignment or we can offset the clubface a little to the right to allow for the draw spin.
  4. Maintain your height and keep your legs nice and quiet during your golf swing as this will help you to keep your balance and avoid any kind of miss – hits.

Ball below your feet


  1. Hold the club right at the very top of the grip so you are using the full length of the golf club.
  2. Bend your knees and bend from the waste a little more than normal, as this will help you to get to the ball. Your body weight should be and feel towards your toes and you need to keep completely balanced throughout the entire golf swing.
  3. The ball will fly with left – to – right spin on it so we need to aim our body a little more left of our target and we can also offset the club to a slightly closed position to reduce the amount of fade spin created.

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