Golf Lessons Sussex – Westwood told off by Mum

Lee Westwood must have been shocked when his mum told him off for swearing during the recent Qatar Masters last week.

She heard him swearing after his tee shot had ended 15ft from the pin, his closing 69 was only good enough for a joint 12th place. The winner was Scotland’s Paul Lawrie who is having a tremendous season so far, and back into the Top 50.

Lee’s mum rang him after the round and said “you might want to apologise” Westwood did not think that being so far down the leaderboard that he would not be on TV.

He later went onto Twitter and apologised again writing ”Sorry about swearing on the 16th tee. Came off like a rocket and thought it was going further! Wash my mouth out! Perils of live tv!”

I suppose your never to old to be told off by Mum!!

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