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I was working with a young junior today on creating a much more solid impact, delivering everything at the right time and on time. This leads to much more consistency in many ways – angle of attack, swing path, shape of shot, power, distance control and much much more.



As we progressed with the lesson as we always do, after a good solid warm up we filmed his swing from a few different angles and then we could analyse what needed to be changed and improved in this young Sussex County player.

To start with he was getting to much action with his right side and therefore all the power was spent by the time he reached impact, this had an effect on distance, accuracy and constancy amongst other things. We needed to really get to the root cause of this and start to get more control in delivering the right side on time, every time.

The swing was on a great path in the backswing with great plane being achieved at the midway stage in the backswing. At the top of the swing, the club was in a great position with the body maintaining the angles, it looked very dynamic and strong. The clubface however was a tiny bit closed at the top of the backswing and this was leading to that very early and aggressive body rotation through impact. He basically needed to try to “hold” the clubface off through impact, not letting it close down too much as this was resulting in a ball flight with too much right to left shape. The tiny change that we needed to make was in the left hand grip, it was a bit to strong and this was the root cause of the impact conditions. Once we had put the left hand into a great neural position at the set up, the clubface instantly sat in a good square position at the top of his backswing. He could then start to control his body motion much stronger through impact resulting in a much more powerful, penetrating 2 yard drawing ball flight which had instant control.

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Mark Wood Golf Academy
Dale Hill hotel & golf club
East Sussex

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