Stand the Right Distance to the Ball every time

This is a great way of achieving the correct distance to the ball every time

Many golfers’ posture problems stem from the fact that they are unable to position their body the correct distance from the ball at address. This can often lead to poor posture, which in turn causes a number of faults.

For example, standing too close to the ball can promote an overly steep backswing. Likewise, standing too far away from the ball could encourage you to create a swing path that is too flat.

However there is a simple check that you can make at the address position, which will ensure that you are always standing the correct distance from the ball. First take up your normal address position with the clubhead placed behind the ball but holding the club only in your right hand (left hand for left handed golfers.) Then with your right arm allowed to hang down vertically from the shoulder, without looking down towards the handle of the club, swing your other hand across naturally until the palm touches the handle.

Now check the position of your right hand. If it is touching the handle of the club well below your left hand, then you are set up too close to the ball.

If however, your right hand is actually above your left, then you are standing too far away from the ball.

If you are in the correct position, then your right hand should naturally fall into place in exactly the correct spot to enable you to take up your grip on the handle of the club without any additional alterations.

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