The Shank crops up when the ball is hit right out of the hosel or neck of the golf club and ends up going sideways, almost at right angles to the intended line of flight.


The shank can often be traced back to a faulty set up. Usually the posture is too stooped with the hands too low at the address. It all goes hand-in-hand with standing too close to the ball.

This tends to encourage the golfer to drift out towards the ball during either the backswing or the downswing. That moves the centre of the clubface out towards the outer edge of the golf ball, leaving the hosel of the golf club to strike the middle of the ball. You will normally lose your balance towards your toes, and fell unstable during the follow- through.


It is vital you work on your set up. Pay special attention to your posture and your distance from the ball. This drill will help:

Stand upright, with a clubshaft pressed up against your front running from your chin to your knees.

Keeping the shaft pressed against your front, bend forwards from the hips until you feel the weight move into your     toes.

Flex your knees to counterbalance yourself. You should now feel your weight under the middle of your feet.

Lower the club and address the ball with it. The ball should feel a lot further away from you.


Once you have settled into your good posture and set up position, it is very important to keep those angles throughout your swing to avoid that drift into the ball. Here are two ways to help you:


Curl your toes upwards inside your shoes, and make sure you keep them that way throughout the golf swing. Your weight cannot now slip forward on to your toes.


Put an object such as a pencil or ball box down just outside the ball as you practise. This will help stop you drifting forward, towards the ball.


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