Cupped Wrist, Across the Line, Flying Elbow

Cupped Wrist, Across the Line, Flying Elbow, Open Clubface

Hooks, Blocks, Push Cuts, Duffs etc….

A lot of golfers are searching for a great top of the backswing position and really struggle to find it and here is why.

The Picture above is a classic example of a flying elbow, cupped wrist and across the line position that I see amongst many golfers at my facility. These lead to poor shaped shots (blocks, hooks, push cuts etc…) and most certainly miss – hit shots from all over the clubface with a mixture of heavy and thinned golf shots. Sometimes there is a physical element that causes this position at the top, in which we do a quick flexibility test to see how mobile the arms and shoulders are, as the range of motion can be limited through injury or lack of flexibility. Some golfers can just have too much flexibility and just be completely unaware of where they are swinging up to in the backswing.  Once we have established the clients ROM we can then proceed in the below exercise on making them aware of the  feelings the correct position for them at the top of the backswing should feel like.

Grip the golf club with the Left Hand below the right for right handed golfers and the opposite for left handed golfers (right below left). Picture above.

Good position at the Top

Swinging up to the top of the backswing will feel very different, it will feel more restricted, the left wrist (for right handed golfers) will be much flatter the right elbow will be much more down and in more in front of the body. This will lead to the shaft being much more “in the slot” and the clubface will be square (leading edge matched up to the left arm). Your body will be much more in balance and engaged with the movements you are making. To start with, you will feel that you are doing less as there are fewer moving parts. Try to use a mirror when doing this exercise to link up the feel with the visual.

Your shot shape and distance will improve dramatically and so will the ball striking with the centred strikes off the clubface.

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Until next time I wish you all the golfing success


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