How To Hit The Pro Style Draw

How to Hit the Pro Style Draw

Many golfers all over the world would love to consistently hit a sweet, little DRAW. In my experience the major reason that most golfers fail with this particular shot is because they have a lack of understanding for how this shot is created. There has been a lot written and filmed on how to hit a draw, for example, your clubface has to be facing the target at address and at impact. That is completely incorrect, yes you will hit a right to left ball flight but the ball will always finish to the left of target. Quite often golfers are under the impression that the swing path governs the balls initial direction and the face puts the spin on the ball. This is unfortunately wrong information and will not produce the results of that sweet little draw you are after. We now have scientific evidence, from devices such as Trackman, Flightscope and other ball flight, swing path and clubface radars which track what is actually going on in the golf swing and gives us the DNA of what created that particular ball flight. This is hard plan facts, no guessing just pure scientific facts on what produces a draw. I am going to share with you how to hit the draw and what creates the right to left spin.


The first thing that we need to understand is the relationship of the clubface to the target line and the clubface relationship to the swing path.

The initial start direction of your shots is highly governed by the clubface at impact, basically to a large degree the ball will start where the clubface is pointing at impact. The swing path is what creates the curvature on the ball flight. Swing path tilts the spin axis of the ball.

So with this in mind we know that the clubface has to be open to the target line at address and impact but closed to the swing path. If we have the clubface 2 degrees open to the target line at address and impact the swing path needs to be 4 degrees right of the target line. The swing path is farther right than the clubface is aiming creating the “open to the target line but closed to the swing path” position. 

This is what is going to create the ball to start right of target and then drawing back onto the target during its flight (right to left ball flight).


How you set up and position the body at the address is very important as it key in hitting the draw.

  • Your right foot needs to be a couple of inches back at the address and make sure you align your hips and shoulders on the same lines as the feet, this creates a closed stance to the target line.
  • The body alignment will create the swing path that we need, the in to out swing path which will produce the draw ball flight.
  • The backswing will feel flatter than normal which is great as it will make it a lot easier in creating the in to out swing path.
  • Make sure you swing along your body alignment and try not to re-route the club to the outside in the downswing.
  • The forearms should feel quite in the downswing and through impact as we need to remember the clubface needs to be closed to the swing path and open to the target line to produce that sweet little draw.
  • The ball should start to the right of your intended target and then curve back onto the target during the ball flight.

I hope you enjoyed the article, any comments or Questions then please leave a comment below..

Until next time I wish you all the golfing success


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