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Improve your golf with a great Pre – Shot Routine

Many golfers on the Worldwide Tours all have one thing in common – A PRE SHOT ROUTINE….

A Pre – Shot Routine is very important as it helps get you set up and ready for the shot, a lot of mistakes I see golfers make each and every day is poor alignment and poor stances…. You may ask well how will a pre – shot routine help me??

Well by having a great pre shot routine, it will get you ready for the shot, it will switch you on with the shot you are about to play, get you fully engaged with the purpose of what you WANT to ACHIEVE  and it will give you a much higher percentage of achieving the good outcome, the one that you set out to do…

Have a read below of an article I wrote back in 2003, and you will see how a good routine will help your golf.


One of the first things I look for when I take a pupil on the course for a playing lesson is how they set up to hit the ball. In most cases of many beginners they simply walk up on the tee, stand to the ball, and then let it fly. Furthermore, the way in which they prepare to make their swing can often change from shot to shot and as a result, produce some pretty erratic results, mainly because they don’t use a repetitive pre shot routine.

Watch the top pro’s on every main worldwide tour and you will see one thing in common amongst the players, they all have a pre shot routine, in which they follow the same step by step process prior to hitting every shot.


This routine has two key functions. Firstly, it ensures that you always remember to check the key aspects of your set up, such as alignment, ball position, grip etc.

Secondly, having a pre shot routine, helps to create a repetitive sequence of actions that have a continuous flow, which should start as you step up to each and every shot and finish as you start the club back from the ball.

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