Posture is a key Fundamental to get right

Creating a good posture is key if we want to make a good ballistic athletic powerful movement in which clubhead speed is created. Posture sets up the shape of swing as well and if we start to stand to the ball with poor posture then we are going to make compensating movements in the golf swing, which is not good.

In order to achieve good posture, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and hold a club down your tummy and bend from the waist.

Once you have done this the legs will fell quite tight and stiff so you are now going to flex your knees just a little to take this stiff feeling away.

Softly flex at the knees as this is very important in good posture. Let the arms drop and form a good grip on the club as normal.

The knees are going to have the feeling of being turned outwards ever so slightly as this will help with our body turn. The weight in the feet needs to feel in the balls of the feet almost as if you are creating a strong connection between your feet and the ground, remember we need a solid base to swing and this is your point of contact with the ground, and to create power and force which in turn creates clubhead speed we need great stability.

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