Tee Peg Drill – Improve Your Ball Striking

The “Tee Peg” Drill

This drill is a very popular amongst the top professionals to improve the path and ball striking purity. You can do this drill using any club, but start with a 6 iron.

  1. Place a row of four tee pegs just outside the toe end of the club about an inch apart. Then place one tee peg just outside the heel of the club and running up parallel to the shaft.
  2. Tee a ball up in between the front two tee pegs, see below picture. 

Hit some shots with a full swing but half the pace of your normal swing so you can get a feel of the club going through the gap, not hitting the outside tee pegs. Once your confidence and swing path improves you can then get your swing back up to the normal tempo and rhythm.

Keep your arms and hands as relaxed as possible as tension is a big “feel” killer in a golf swing.

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