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I had a client come to me for a putting lesson this week and he was getting really fed up because each week he had been out playing his partner from tee to green but once on the putting green it was a different story.

He was losing each week due to poor putting and as usual his playing partners were full of advice, “you’re aiming too far to the right with the putter head”, “you keeping looking up”, you’re decelerating”. The list went on!!

My client mainly missed putts to the right of the hole and hated short left to right putts.

So we used the Tomi Putting Analysis system that I use along with high speed video camera technology to find out just exactly what was going on during the putting stroke. The indoor putting green that we used was set up for a dead straight 8 foot putt.

Here are the pictures of my clients putting stroke before any changes were made.

The putter face was square to the line of putt as you can see from the numbers above, so that was not an issue.

The putter was returning to the ball at impact with a face pointing to the right of the target. In fact 4.6 and 3.4 degrees to the right of the hole and the path of the putter was 2.2 and 8.2 degrees to the right of the target line. Now we can see why he was missing his putts to the right; putter face open and path to the right = miss putts right

The putter head was opening up too much during the back stroke 10 and 9 degrees of rotation, which is a lot for an 8ft putt.

So after we viewed the Tomi Data and the high speed video analysis of his putting stroke we needed to change just one thing with my client and that was to reduce the amount that the putter face opened during the back stroke. Below are the results.

Putt head rotation reduced to just 4, 4, 4, 2, 2 opening in the back stroke.

Path of putter through impact improved to 1.2, 1.2, 1.0, -0.4, -0.4.
The putter head alignment at impact improved dramatically to just 0.6 open.

Now with the face of the putter opening just by 4, 4,4,2,2 degrees we had instantly improved his path of his putter during his putting stroke to and we also improved his putter face alignment at impact. This lead to twenty 8 foot putts holed in a row. All we did was to get him to weaken his left hand grip slightly by gripping it more in the palm and not in the fingers.

So next time you start missing a few putts, bear in mind what a session on the TOMI PUTT ANALYSIS software could do for you.

PS. My client played golf today and shot his best ever score of 76 and took just 31 putts instead of his average of 41..

I hope you enjoyed the article, any comments or Questions then please leave a comment below..

Until next time I wish you all the golfing success


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