Sam Snead

Is This Best Golf Joke Ever?

I don’t know but I can just picture “Slaming Sam” delivering the lines with that hillbilly drawl and a
glint in his eye!
A number of years after he retired, Sam Snead was playing a round of golf with a young would- be
Tour player. As they were waiting at the tee box on the first hole, Sam’s opponent — who was rather
large and strong — asked Sam’s advice about the upcoming tee shot. “Mr. Snead, do you think I can
clear those tall pine trees over on the right?”
Sam thought for a moment and replied, “When I was your
age, I could clear those trees with no problem.”
The young man, brimming with confidence, teed up his
ball, took a few practice swings, and promptly whacked
his ball right into the middle of the pine grove. He looked
at Sam, quizzically and disgustedly threw his driver back
into the bag as Sam coolly remarked, “Of course, when I
was your age, those trees were only eight feet tall!”


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