Self Limitations


When it comes to your golf do you have any personal limitations that stop you from achieving your goals of becoming a better player?

Many golfers put limits on how good they can become just by thinking in a negative way, for example “I knew I was going to miss that putt”, “I always play this hole badly” or “every time I have a good front 9 I always blow up on the back 9”

Sound familiar to you ???

Here is a young Ian Poulter just starting out his career on Tour. Did you know he turned professional off a 4 handicap and did his PGA training, working in a pro shop, doing a few club repairs etc….

If Ian Poulter had self-limitations, do you think he would be where he is now?

He is in the Top 20 in the world, Ryder Cup player, won on most major tours and has carved a great career so far. Ian had no self-limitations and he just followed the process of improving his golf every day. He knew where he wanted to be and he keep his mind strong, even today he is still improving and following his process…..

So when it comes to your golf, please don’t put limitations on how good you can be, how low you can get your handicap or put a bracket on your score. If you want to push your limitations and become a much better golfer you need to start lifting them away from your mind.

Book a lesson now and let’s start to lift your personal limitations away.

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