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“We all continue to learn; if we didn’t we would be in trouble. I’ve learned an awful lot from playing with great golfers; with the exposure to them and talking with them.”

Jack Nicklaus

Since it is perfect practice that makes perfect and not just practice, we must decide by whose standards we are going to define perfection. These are the options. We can seek out a coach and mentor, and accept his advice on the steps we must take in order to achieve perfection. Examples would be the gaggle of pro’s who follow coaches like Jimmy Ballard and David Leadbetter. This group includes players like Nick Faldo, Nick Price, Sandy Lyle and Johnny Miller. Arnie had in his father, Deacon Palmer, a person whose knowledge of his swing he could trust and on whose help he could rely to improve, repair and revamp his game as necessary. Nicklaus’ mentor and coach was Jack Grout, the local professional at the Country Club in Ohio, near which Nicklaus grew up. At the beginning of each new golf season Jack would go to Grout and say to him, “I’d like to take up golf.  Show me how to hold the club, address the ball and swing the club.” This not only demonstrates the value of having a sound instructor, but also the value of going back to the basics of your craft, whatever it may be. I can’t overstress the importance of a yearly review of your techniques and strategies with someone who both knows and cares about the desired outcome. Regardless of your profession, it is easy to slip into bad habits that inhibit your progress. By allowing someone knowledgeable to critique your performance, you can often uncover basic flaws that are costing you strokes, sales, time, money and customers.

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