Important Golf Health Advisory

Important Golf Health Advisory

Very Import You Read to the End As It Could Seriously Effect Your Health

In 1923…

* Charles Schwab, was president of the world’s largest steel company,

He died a pauper.

* Edward Hopson, was president of the largest gas company

He went insane.

* Arthur Cooger, was the greatest wheat speculator,

He died abroad, penniless.

* Cosabee Livermore, was president of one of the largest banks

He shot himself

* Richard Whitney, was president of NY Stock Excahange

He was released from prison to die at home

In that same year, 1923, Gene Sarazen won most of the important golf championships, including both the US Open and PGA Championship. He played golf until he was 92 and died in 1999 at the age of 95… and was financially solvent at his death. He also scored the first ever hole in one on TV during the Open at Royal Troon in 1973 aged 71!


Conclusion: Stop worrying about business and start playing more golf!

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