The width of your stance is another foundation to get right as having a stance that is too wide will affect your body rotation.

Also a stance that is too narrow will affect your balance during the golf swing.

The width of your stance will vary a little depending on what shot you are playing, chip, pitch, mid iron to a driver. A good general guideline which will give you both balance and mobility during the golf swing is roughly shoulder width apart for a 5 iron. This means that the insides of your heels should be the same width as the shoulders.

To help you establish whilst you are practising at the range or even at home, is to take a club or alignment cane and hold it across your shoulders to measure the width off. From there you can drop the alignment cane down to create the same width in the stance. This will insure that your heels are shoulder width apart.

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When you are practising you should be regularly checking your stance width as well as the other areas of your set up as most swing faults can be traced back to a poor set up position.

A common misunderstanding among a lot of golfers is where to aim your feet, hips and shoulders. More often than not golfers align their stance at the target as opposed to “parallel left” to allow for a good dynamic swing plane.

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