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Putting is a very crucial part of golf and there are also many ways to putt well. I am going to share with you the most common problems that golfers run into when they are putting badly.

1. Your Stance is too Narrow – Having a stance that is too narrow will cause your legs and body to move around too much during the putting stroke. This will cause your putter path to go off path affecting the quality of the putt.

Mark Wood gives you some putting tips. CIMG0545

The Fix – Widen your stance by a few inches and focus on keeping your knees rock solid through out the stroke. One tip is to get some balance pads (like I have here) and make some practise stokes whilst standing on them keeping your balance, you will soon know if your not keeping great balance. Its a great way for you to learn what good balance feels like.

2. Moving your head around during a putting stroke causes miss – hits. It is most certainly a fundamental that golfers forget especially on short putts as they are keen to peak too early at the hole. I really want you to commit to keeping your eyes quiet until the ball has long gone, I guarantee that you will be more consistent and will  hole more putts!!

3. Decelerating the putter during the stroke will normally cause you to miss putts to the left of the hole. This can sometimes be traced back to a back stoke that is too long. If it is make the back stroke a touch shorter and make it a habit to accelerate the putter into the back of the ball.


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