Golf Swing To Short


A lot of golfers who come for lessons always ask me is my backswing too short?

“I’ve seen the guys on TV swing it into that classic parallel position at the top and I should be doing the same!”

My answer is always “how is your flexibility, let’s do a quick flexibility test to see if you have that kind of range of motion that all the top players have”.

It normally works out that most weekend golfers lack in the flexibility to make that full turn so they end up not completing the backswing and thrashing at the ball way too hard in the downswing.

Work on completing your backswing to the best of your ability by turning your body fully and then work on the rhythm of your golf swing. Keep the swing tempo smooth do not feel and even attempt to try and hit the ball too hard as this will coast you distance and accuracy, just let the swing speed build naturally. You will be amazed at the difference in your consistency, accuracy and distance you will achieve by staying in control of your golf swing.

A few key check points as you make your backswing turn are –

  • Keep your arms wide in the backswing; many golfers who have short swings tend to bend their arms in the backswing in an aid to create the classic parallel position.
  • Turn your shoulders fully in the backswing and let your hips turn a little more than normal as this will also help you create a bigger turn.
  • Keeping the swing arc wide in the backswing is key as a short backswing with little body turn and bent arms just won’t work.
  • Keep smooth and enjoy the extra distance you achieve.

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