“How Far Should I Stand From the Ball”

“How Far Should I Stand From the Ball”

I get asked this question a lot and there is a real simple guide to this, I am going to show you my 3 favourite ways in dealing with this problem.

But first you need to bear in mind that your body shape and degree of flexibility will have an impact on this. As an example, if you are tall and thin you can stand quite upright. If you have a big chest and belly you need to stand further away from the ball with more forward tilt from the hips as this will give you room to swing your arms past your body.

Here’s one tip to help you determine the correct distance from the ball:

  1. Grip your 6 iron as normal.
  2. Hold the club out in front of you as seen in the photo below.
  3. Stand up tall with your upper arms connected to your chest and your feet shoulder width apart.
  4. Tilt forward from the pelvis, about 30 degrees is good.
  5. Let your arms hang vertically down until your club head touches the ground.
  6. Flex your knees just a little, just like your normal athletic posture.


Here’s two more ways to help you determine how far to stand from the ball.

Take your normal posture and set up position then take your right hand off the club. Now span out the four fingers of your right hand and that should fill the gap between your left thigh and the top of the grip.


Another way is to take your normal posture and set up position then take your right hand off the club and let your arm/hand hang down naturally. From there you should be able to swing it back across so it fits back onto the grip from where it came off.   

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