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Golf Lessons Sussex Key Tip – Down and Through

Golf Lessons Sussex - Hit Down ad Through

Hit Down ad Through

A lot of golfers who sometimes struggle with good ball striking fall into this category, they merely hit at the ball and not through it. Remember the impact area is a place where the clubhead is travelling through at full velocity. Try not to end your swing abruptly after the ball is struck  as this will lead to big inconsistency in the quality of your strike. The main trends in ball striking when a golfer hits at the ball rather than through the ball could result in heavy struck shots or hitting thin shots that fly just flat and low. Lack of distance will also be an issue here as the weight is not transferring through fully and the ball is not hit out of the sweet spot of the club.

To fix this problem try and get the feeling that you are freely swinging the clubhead down the target line and turn on through to a nice full balanced finish. Hold the finish at the end of your swing and check that you have completed the swing, weight fully on the left side, up on the toe of the right foot (for right handed golfers) and the hips and chest turned fully and facing the target.

When you watch some of the best golfers in the world you will notice how they fully commit in hitting through the ball and they finish in a world class finish position, choose your favorite golfer and emulate there finish position.

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