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Build Your Work Station

Establishing and building great foundations is so important otherwise you will most certainly make compensations within the golf swing.

Firstly we are going to look at establishing good aim.

It is important and easily achievable in creating the perfect aim and alignment, you cannot afford to skip this as getting this wrong will impact on your golf swing. I always say that quality is always better than quantity; I much prefer to see someone practising quality for 10 minutes as this will be much more productive than countless hours of poor practise.

To help you practise more precisely I strongly suggest that you set up a “work station” to practise from, this includes laying clubs or canes down on the ground that parallel to your intended target line.

In the picture below place a cane on the ground just a few inches outside the striking area which is parallel to the target line. Place a second cane down just beyond your toe line which is also parallel to the target line. This will help you achieve a good square alignment ensuring that your feet, knees, hips, forearms and shoulders are all aligned parallel to the target line. Practising like this is 100% productive and will give you a good strong sensation of what a rock solid square alignment feels like.Mark Wood Golf Academy

“Placing canes on the ground parallel to your target line provides a great reference that enables and guarantees you good alignment”.

Stand behind the ball and pick out a spot on the grass about two feet in front of the ball that is online to your target. This can be an old divot or discoloured piece of grass. When placing the club in behind the ball, aim the club directly at this point as this will give you a square clubface to your intended target. It will also help you massively on building a good square set up.

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