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Too Many Swing Thoughts

Keep it simple out on the course

It is very easy to get hung up on technique whilst out on the golf course and the ramifications can lead to poor golf!!

It is very hard to work on your technique and work on producing a good score at the same time, so please stop trying to do both.

When you are out on the course you must make it your goal to “free up your mind” on technique and theory. The best players in the world will carry only just two swing thoughts in their mind, mainly just to keep the feel and flow of the swing and those swing thoughts will be dead simple – like smooth tempo or complete the backswing!!

These types of swing thoughts will most certainly help you keep your rhythm and will help keep your mind calm, making it easier for you to focus in on the target and producing a good result.

Keep the club swinging and don’t get to positional as this will lead to a very jerky golf swing – no flow…  

Keep the main swing changes and  swing thoughts for the range as this is your “working ground” for grinding out those good changes.

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