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Aim your Body Correctly

Poor body alignment

A common problem amongst golfers in general!

The amount of golfers who align themselves completely wrong at the address position will have a major influence on how they swing the golf club. You will compensate for this during the golf swing. I have helped golfers tremendously to stop shanking with this just one fault alone. Most golfers from my experience align their bodies too far to the right of their intended target, in a closed position. At some point during the golf swing you are going to compensate for this and it usually happens in the downswing. You are fully aware of where the target is but due to the closed off stance you are going to swing over plane in the downswing to get the club back to the ball. This moves the club much further out in front of you in the downswing leading to the hosel contacting the ball first. Some golfers even lose their balance: falling forwards in the through swing.

Great ways to improve your sense of alignment is to pick a point just in front of the ball (2ft approx.) which is directly on line to your intended target and align the club face square to that point. From here build in your stance keeping as square as possible to that point.

Practise your alignment on the range by picking random targets and working through your pre shot routine of the above.

Another great way is to place down 3 alignment canes on the range, one aligning to a target on the left side of the range, another aligning to a target in the middle of the range and the last one aligning to a target on the right side of the range.

Practising in this manner will most certainly make you more self-aware of how you are lining up correctly. You will instantly be aware if you have aligned correctly or not.

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Cure your Swing Plane and Slice

Curing an over the top swing plane leading to an in to out swing path and a SLICE!!

The “Reverse the loop” swing drill 

I have a 5 iron in my hands for this drill but you could use any club, the most important thing is to angle the cane in the ground at the correct angle for this drill to work.

  1. Place an alignment cane on the ground parallel to your target line. This ensures that you stand parallel to your target line.
  2. Take another cane and push it into the ground slightly inside the target line and a club length behind the ball, the cane should be on an angle on roughly 60 degrees for a 5 iron (see above picture).
  3. The top of the cane should be running through your pelvis as you look at it.

  • As you start your take away keep the club outside your hands and outside of the cane (see the above picture).
  • Swing up to your normal full backswing position, ensuring you have a good full 90 degree shoulder turn.
All the focus is now to return the club back down on the path inside the cane (see the above picture) as this will create an inside attack on the golf ball producing a much straighter and more powerful ball flight.

I hope you enjoyed the article, any comments or Questions then please leave a comment below.

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