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USA’s Ryder Cup Task Force

USA’s new Ryder Cup Task Force

I have just been reading an Article by Rob Lee of Sky Sports, with regard to USA’s new Ryder Cup Task Force. He has quite strong views with regards to the process the PGA of America follow and suggest that us Europeans have it sussed when it comes to the make- up of the Ryder Cup ‘The European Tour seems to have it spot on for me – its committee selects the next captain, while players regularly make the transition from vice-captain to the top job later down the line.’

So who you may ask is on the Task force?Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler, Jim Furyk, Steve Stricker ,Tom Lehmann and lastly and most controversially is Tiger Woods, a man in Rob Lees and my opinion has never seemed that invested in the Ryder Cup and certainly does not have the best public standing to keep the Americans glued to their TV screens.

Another glaring omission from the Task Force is the last winning captain (2008) Paul Azinger, who’s ‘pod system’ proved highly successful in winning that years Ryder Cup. You would be expecting the PGA of America to be falling over themselves to get him to join the Task Force and help them develop the winning formula.

What are your thoughts on the new American Ryder Cup Task Force, do you agree they may have made a faux pas when it comes to including Tiger in the mix?

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