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A way that pitching is still commonly taught is to stand way open with the ball deep back in your stance to promote a descending blow resulting in a ball turf strike.

If this is your way of pitching be careful as this will more often than not cause you to swing left down your body line, cutting across the ball promoting excessive side spin. I often find that golfers who pitch with the ball deep back in there stance will tend to favour the weight back too, resulting in a scooping action creating thin and very heavy shots.

“With the help of flightscope launch monitor and video we can now work closely with the player to get the maximum accuracy and control on these shots”

The modern approach to playing pitch shots is to stand square to the ball as this promotes many good qualities that good pitchers have –

  • They use the bounce of the club so the leading edge does not dig in creating heavy shots.
  • They stand square to the target line to promote a good swing path for greater accuracy.
  • They play the ball forward in their stance to promote the correct angle of attack to maximise spin control.
  • Their weight favors their target side and stays there throughout the shot creating the good ball turf bruising strike.
  • They have a shallow angle of attack.

Golf Lesson Sussex - Mark Wood Golf Academy

Ball forward in stance for a good angle of attack with the weight
on the left side.


Golf Lesson Tunbridge Wells - Mark Wood Golf Academy
Body Alignment parallel to target line for a better swing path.

A great way to practise pitching is to put a work station down so you can practise more effectively from a good square set.

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