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Bizarre Golfing Injuries

Golfers and their Bizarre Injuries

We have all had little injuries that have stopped us from doing our most favorite sport, I once cut my hand on an open tin of beans which put me out of action for a few days!!

Here are some of the famous golfers and their bizarre injuries which have temporarily stopped them from competing.

Oliver Wilson – needed to take 6 weeks off after breaking his wrist as he tried to avoid a snowball during a snowball fight!!

Sam Torrance – In 1993 while at the Belfry, Sam cracked his sternum after he tripped over a plant pot while sleepwalking!!

David Feherty – A poisonous adder get the better of the Northern Irishman and put him in hospital during a round at Wentworth in 1992.

Graeme McDowell – G-Mac could not play at the WGC – HSBC Champions event after he badly hurt his hand on his hotel room door.

Ernie Els – Big Ernie was enjoying a family vacation in 2005 and after a banana boat ride went wrong he ruptured his anterior cruciate and put him out of action for 5 months during the 2005 season.

What injuries have you had, post them below……..

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A way that pitching is still commonly taught is to stand way open with the ball deep back in your stance to promote a descending blow resulting in a ball turf strike.

If this is your way of pitching be careful as this will more often than not cause you to swing left down your body line, cutting across the ball promoting excessive side spin. I often find that golfers who pitch with the ball deep back in there stance will tend to favour the weight back too, resulting in a scooping action creating thin and very heavy shots.

“With the help of flightscope launch monitor and video we can now work closely with the player to get the maximum accuracy and control on these shots”

The modern approach to playing pitch shots is to stand square to the ball as this promotes many good qualities that good pitchers have –

  • They use the bounce of the club so the leading edge does not dig in creating heavy shots.
  • They stand square to the target line to promote a good swing path for greater accuracy.
  • They play the ball forward in their stance to promote the correct angle of attack to maximise spin control.
  • Their weight favors their target side and stays there throughout the shot creating the good ball turf bruising strike.
  • They have a shallow angle of attack.

Golf Lesson Sussex - Mark Wood Golf Academy

Ball forward in stance for a good angle of attack with the weight
on the left side.


Golf Lesson Tunbridge Wells - Mark Wood Golf Academy
Body Alignment parallel to target line for a better swing path.

A great way to practise pitching is to put a work station down so you can practise more effectively from a good square set.

From Your Friends at Mark Wood Golf Academy

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Mark Wood

PGA Advanced Professional
UK’s No1 Golf Coach

The Best Golf Lessons in Sussex and Kent

Littlehampton Win for Laird

One of Mark’s most promising upcoming clients Laird Shepherd (age 13) shot an impressive gross 72 nett 57 to win the Littlehampton junior open yesturday. This will bring Laird’s handicap down to 10. He will be playing tomorrow for Sussex against Essex and Kent at Holtye.

Keep up the good form Laird and great lesson today on chipping and distance putting.

Golf Lessons with Mark do make a difference

Well done to Mark’s following clients with there recent wins and scores.

Bill Shelley won the May Stableford with 39 points.
Phil Parkman and Brian Pennels both scored 40 points this week and Brian won on countback.
Andrea Pilcher scored an impressive 39 points in the ladies this week.

Well done to all and keep up with the great progress.

Andy Stevens Wins Monthly Medal

Golf Lessons do produce winners

Well done to Mark Wood Golf Academy client Andy Stevens on his recent Monthly Medal win with a nett 66.

Andy had a lesson prior to his round and we worked on his swing plane and address position. This resulted in Andy winning the Monthly medal and reducing his handicap.

More Wins for Mark’s Clients

More Wins for Mark Wood Golf Academy clients

Well done to the following clients who have won competitions this week at Dale Hill golf club.

Ann and Eric Clark won the Douglas Barder with 42 points.

Yoko Nitta – Martn won the ladies div 3 medal with a nett 66 and has had her handicap reduced by 3.

Lesley Chipperfield won the ladies div 1 medal with a nett 72 and reduced her handicap by .3.

Christine Gibbons has also been winning and has her handicap reduced by a couple of shots as well.

Well done all and keep up with the progress of improvement.

Ron Stevens Wins

Ron Stevens secures another win.

Well done to Ron Stevenes with his win on Tuesday with 40 points. Ron’s regaular coaching slot on a Wednesday Morning with Mark and the Tams/Seniors group has played a big roll in his win.

More Wins for MWGA Students

Two more wins for Mark Wood Golf Academy Students

Well done to Lynne Novis for scoring 40 points in the ladies stableford last Saturday, not only did Lynne win but she also got her handicap reduced by 2.

Well done to Malcom Forrest on winning the Tams Stableford with 36 points on the Woosie course on Tuesday.

Keep up the good work all.

Well Done Giles

Giles Gill Wins Junior Stapleford with 41 Points

MWGA player Giles Gill had a lesson with me yesturday morning and we worked on some things in his set up and then his early take back from the ball. After a short time in the lesson Giles was hitting it great and then went on to play and win the Junior Stableford at Dale Hill golf club that afternoon.

Wow!! results can happen that fast.

Keep up the good work Gilly.

MWGA Player’s Wins

Well done to Andy Steven and Scott Tracey for a 1st and 2nd place finish in the mens March Medal. Andy shot a nett 67 and Scott a nett 69, well done guys.

Also well done to Rosie Hockey and Maureen Hope – Watts on winning the final of the Stan Nicholson Foursomes on Monday, good work girls keep up with the progress.